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H.R. principle:

  • Understand others:Understand, respect others, not only understand his appearance, but his potential。
  • Tolerate with others:Create relax environment to get a comfortable feeling; not demand for perfection; allow to mend self-discipline。
  • Employ persons:Offer a stage for every employee to display his ability; create opportunity for study, development and promotion;。
  • Be an upright person:Treat others sincerely; consult with others; be considerate of other, respect job; regard company as family; share honor and disgrace with company。

H.R. standard:

  • Full of working enthusiasm;
  • Precise, serious and responsible working attitude;
  • Scientific working method, good working habit;
  • Constantly study, constantly improve, constantly improve working capacity;
  • Excellent professional ethics, good working performance。
Newest employment advertise:

Recruitment position: test1
Working nature: 全职 Recruitment number: 3
Sex: 不限 Record of formal schooling: 不限
Payment: 面议 Working site: afafd
Age limitation: dfdf Valid period: adf
Position requirement: afafaf
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