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truth, practice, innovation, trust, toleration。
Ideal:Build the first-class production, research and development base of international competition for hot stamping, transferring and holographic new material。
Concept;Pursue perfection; create excellence; found all-conquering, invincible strong team with understanding, support and trust。

Offer satisfied product for the user; offer job opportunity for the employee; offer social benefit for the country; offer good profit for the stockholder。

H.R. principle:

  • Understand others:Understand, respect others, not only understand his appearance, but his potential。
  • Tolerate with others:Create relax environment to get a comfortable feeling; not demand for perfection; allow to mend self-discipline。
  • Employ persons:Offer a stage for every employee to display his ability; create opportunity for study, development and promotion;。
  • Be an upright person:Treat others sincerely; consult with others; be considerate of other, respect job; regard company as family; share honor and disgrace with company

H.R. standard:

  • Full of working enthusiasm;
  • Precise, serious and responsible working attitude;
  • Scientific working method, good working habit;
  • Constantly study, constantly improve, constantly improve working capacity;
  • Excellent professional ethics, good working performance。

Quality objective:
No product’s fault; no customer’s complaint

Quality policy:
All the staff have the consciousness of quality; strictly follow in ISO-9001 International Quality Authentication System; deepen QC activity; insure zero fault in product’s quality

Product’s features:
A)Innovation;b)Particular;c)Keep ahead;d)Stability;e)Marketability;f)Economics

Market, spot managemen
All the staff participate , persevere, keep improving; scientific management, market orientation, quick response, constant innovation, constant development, constant supplying satisfied products and warm service for users, which are we untiring seeking for.

Persist in 3N, 5M, 6S management spot
Not accept unqualified assistant material;
Not make unqualified product;
Not allow unqualified product to be delivered。
Man: Carry out classification of job titles and pay grades; adopt inspiring mechanism; pay more attention to quality, cost and security.;
Machine: Carry out caring responsibility; keep high efficiency;
Material: Deepen QC activity; strictly control the quality of raw and auxiliary material; seek for the best raw and auxiliary material; fully make use of resources;
Method: Standardize operation program; constantly improve and innovate; strictly control standardized management;
Measure: Be strict to measure management; regularly proofread weighting apparatus; optimize process control。
Seiri, Seiton, Seisou, Seiketsu, Shitsuke, Security。

Do from bagatelle, do hot stamping better; the bagatelle is the one than can best examine you; the bagatelle is usually the most beautiful thing; detail decides success or failure.
The whole staff start to hold security, guarantee quality, reduce cost, develop new product; on guard for one minute, do better for 60 seconds.

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